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From dairy operations to commercial and residential settings, Rochester Plumbing and Heating has the personnel and equipment to meet all of your needs. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day, so you’re covered in case of an emergency. Our 16,000 square foot shop houses an extensive plumbing inventory as well as an area for pipefitting and welding. Our employees have years of experience in specialized areas of both residential and commercial plumbing and heating. We pride ourselves on knowing the efficiency and safety standard of various water heaters, furnaces and boilers, as well as state code requirements. From the kitchen to the boiler room, we’re your source for plumbing and heating expertise delivered by people who are committed to earning and keeping your trust.


Remember the “Roto-Rooter” jingle? Well, we’re still sending your troubles “down the drain”. Only now we do it with a high-tech approach, including a color mini camera that illuminates the problem area and provides our service technicians with quality images in real-time. Our Roto-Rooter service provides hydro-flushing; sewer and drain cleaning; storm drains and conduit cleaning in industrial, commercial and residential settings.


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