Apropos of nothing, the http://www.cheapdesignbags.com song can be sung to the Hawaii Five O theme music. Funny Animal: In this rendition, Santa apparently gives presents to animal children as well. There’s even a village for both reindeer and bunnies. This is based on the original short story, where Rudolph is likewise shown to live in a human like house in a human like village, and even puts up a human stocking for Santa. Genre Savvy: The reindeers perform ice skating games, and coat themselves with pillows in anticipation of Failures on Ice antics. Humanoid Female Animal: Rudolph’s mother in the 1944 short is much more anthropomorphic than the male reindeer (who are already somewhat more anthropomorphic than the Rankin Bass adaptation). The male reindeer, including Rudolph, are usually quadrupedal, but sometimes walk on two legs when they want to use their hooves as hands; Rudolph’s Mother, on the other hand, always walks on two legs, has a much more humanoid body shape (most notably, her arms and legs), and is the only one who wears clothes. Momma’s Boy: Rudolph gets teased for being this as well as for his Replica Hermes birkin nose. Makes some sense since his mother is the only reindeer shown to be kind to Rudolph at first. Public Domain: While the character and song haven’t entered such, this short has. This led to Disney using it in some of their Christmas features, as well as DC comics using the Rudolph design for some annuals. Re Cut: The cartoon was made before the Johnny Marks song, though was edited and reissued in 1951 with a rendition in the opening and closing credits. Rhymes on a Dime: Most of the dialogue for the short is done in rhyming verse. Through a Face Full of Fur: After receiving a medal for his duties, Rudolph’s whole body blushes as a bright red as his nose.

Hermes Replica Aya also does this in some songs. Fake Band: The band has an alter ego version called “Bad Boys, Be Ambitious!”, in which band members used normal clothes. If well this group has no official discs or LPs, their songs can be found in the B sides of PLC singles. Call Back: One of the songs of Daishi in his solo album (God Japanese Monster) is called “Bad Music, Be Ambitious!” Fiery Redhead: Lida. Subverted in Dacco, where he has black hair to contrasts YURA sama’s white one. Hermes Replica

Replica Hermes Birkin 0% Approval Rating: Raiden is this to the Exiled Kombatants, and by extension, the X Men and the Avengers. 100% Adoration Rating: Johnny Cage, as the Chairman of Cage Incorporated and as a family man. The same for Sonya, as the Commander of the Tactical Response Unit. A Taste of the Lash: Takeda, during his and Jacqui’s fight with Cassie. Action Parents: Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, of course. Liu Kang and Kitana also count, as Kitana is pregnant with Liu’s child. Actually Pretty Funny: Sonya had a pretty good laugh over Kitana and Jade’s reaction upon discovering that he speaks Edenian, which gives away the fact that Mey is a Red Lotus operative. Affably Evil: Shang Tsung, for starters. He is also polite towards Cassie in their first confrontation during the rescue mission into Earthrealm. Before her duel with Ravenna, Tasia is this towards Ravenna, even seeing her as a Worthy Opponent. Affectionate Nickname: For Captain America, Cassie calls him ‘Blue’ in a show of respect. Johnny still calls Cassie ‘Punkin,’ although Cassie points out that she is still too old for that. He also can get away with calling Sonya ‘Babe,’ yet she still hates it when he calls her ‘Baby.’ Ain’t Too Proud to Beg: Kano tries to negotiate with Sonya to secure his son’s freedom when it becomes clear that Sonya intends to kill him. He fails. He tries again when he is defeated and wounded. Again, he fails. In the Desperation Omake, after Raiden gets his ass handed to him by the former revenants, he begs for help from Johnny and Sonya. Granted that he and Kano had kidnapped and tortured that fanfic’s version of Cassie up until she switched places with Phoenix!Cassie, said parents refuse to help. During Team S F’s debriefing, it’s revealed that Ferra had begged for her life after Takeda killed Torr. Jacqui responds by blowing her head off Replica Hermes Birkin.

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